Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fête mexicaine des morts avec les CM1 et les CM2

This week, the CM1 and CM2 are celebrating a Mexican week of Dia de Los Muertos...

Yesterday, they made the recipe for pan del muerto in class. The challenging part was that they followed a recipe in Spanish. They realized that thanks to French and English languages, they were able to follow very easily and to guess the meaning of unknown words. For example, limon is close to lemon.

The breads were delicious and the students really enjoyed following the recipe in Spanish...the joys of plurilinguism... 

They also explored makeup inspired by Mexican skulls during this celebration. They created their own. The results are wonderful!

They invited their parents to a presentation on Friday afternoon and prepared decorated marshmallows as a special treat.

In art, they created a special box like Mexicans do with skull characters, vivd colors and glitter.

They presented all their projects to their parents. 

Bravo for all their hard work! It was a wonderful project!