Friday, December 16, 2016

La semaine de la Brioche

This week has been culinary-tastic!!! We had a special guest from France, "Hamid le boulanger" (aka our wonderful teacher Yassine) who came to teach our students how to make brioche.

The PS and MS have been growing wheat seeds and explained to the other classes how flour is made.

On Wednesday, the students of the whole school, by class,  made the dough with a French recipe and the help of "Hamid". It was a difficult task to knead and pull the dough, to have the perfect texture without too much butter but the children did a fantastic job!

On Thursday, the students "built" their brioche by forming 2 big balls and 2 smaller ones. 

On Thursday afternoon, the brioches were baked...the smell is the hallway was absolutely delicious...

The best part came on Friday morning when everybody met in the GS/CP class for a "goûter" with the whole school. 

What a great project it was! Thank you to our very special baker and his helpers! 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Visit at the Portland Museum of Art for the Art Books of Matisse

On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, the students from grades 2-5 went to Portland to visit the current exhibit, the Art Books of Matisse. They had worked in class on some of the poems featured in the exhibit in class; the 4th and 5th grades memorized a famous poem by Mallarmé, Apparition.

The students explored the galleries with excellent docents who spoke French! 
Last part of the exhibit was a wonderful game where the kids played placing items like Matisse did on his paintings!
What a fun time at the Portland Museum of Art!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Making and baking sweet treats with the CE1

This morning, the CE1 had a lot of fun in class. There were two different workshops: one to prepare and bake a "gâteau au chocolat", a second to create "bonhommes de neige" with different sweets.

They followed the French recipe and instructions, mixed the ingredients like little chefs. There was a delicious smell of chocolate in the school...

These treats will be appreciated by the class this afternoon to celebrate the birthdays of students born in November and December.