Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bienvenue à Jean-François Fouque

Jean-François Fouque (2nd and 3rd grade teacher) comes from Saint Christol d'Albion, a pitoresque little town situated on the high plateau of Albion near the mountain ranges of Dentelles de Montmirail and Mont Ventoux near the Luberon Regional Park in Provence. This area of Vaucluse, rich in culture and history is famous for its lavender fields.
After graduating as a Biology and Mathematics major from Lycée Paul Cézanne in Aix-en-provence, Jean-François completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of Provence. Jean-François soon realized he particularly enjoyed working with young children while working at various summer camps. After serving as a Corporal in the French Marine Artillery Regiment for his military service, he decided to pursue his teaching certification and joined the teaching Training Program of Aix en Provence (Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maîtres of Aix en Provence). Jean-François has been teaching all grade levels throughout the provence region, often in rural settings. He is particularly experienced with multilevel classrooms, his last teaching position was a combined 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. Jean-François enjoys hiking and cycling through the inviting landscapes of Mont Sainte Victoire in provence, famous through Cezanne's paintings. He loves rugby and is known for his outstanding "omelette aux herbes de provence". His love of traveling and teaching are bringing him to l'Ecole Française du Maine, where he can combine his interests and share his experiences with the CE1-CE2 students.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bienvenue à Amelie Le Gall

Amelie Le Gall (Preschool Teacher / Professeur des ecoles) comes from Saint-Paul de Vence in the beloved Mediterranean Provence Region of France. Amelie is a Renaissance Woman with an advanced degree in mathematics and a passion for classical piano. After studying mathematics at the University of Nice, she graduated with a Bachelor of Sciences while pursuing her education in piano and musical theory at the Cagnes Sur Mer Music Conservatory.

Amelie then decided to join the Institut Universitaire de Formation de Maitres de Draguignan (Teacher Training Program) to become a preschool and an elementary school teacher. She happily taught for six years in various classroom levels from preschool through 5th grade throughout the provence region. Amelie has a preference and fondness for the petite and moyenne section levels (preK). She has created countless innovative activities to help the little ones grasp new concepts and learn socialization skills. Interestingly, she uses puppets to model desired behaviors to her students, particularly, her favorite puppet, "Souris", a little mouse of her own creation who is an active participant in the the daily life of her classroom. "Souris" interacts with the children, assists Amelie in and telling stories, and gives the children another avenue through which to express themselves. Amelie finds that using puppets helps break through to some children and that they can open up to puppets in a manner different than they do with people. Her students are also fond of her musical activities. In France, Amelie volunteered her time in after school programs by offering musical education to young children. L'Ecole Française du Maine is thrilled to welcome Amelie to its faculty.

Amelie, teaching a song to the children of L'Ecole Française du Maine during her visit to the school in March, 2011.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bienvenue à Yassine Merchi and Philomène Rossini

Yassine Merchi (Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher) comes to Maine from the Joseph Haydn School in Immendingen, Germany where he has taught preschool/kindergarten for the past two years. Originally from Northern France, he has been teaching for the French Ministry of Education in the Metz region for the past seven years. After a math/science Baccalauréat Yassine studied History and Geography at the University of Metz, and joined the Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maîtres (Teacher’s Training Program) to teach younger children, and he became a certified teacher.

For the first few years of his career, Yassine taught all elementary levels and he was an intern at the Staatliche Europa Schule European School in Berlin, Germany. He is particularly interested in innovative technology, history and visual arts. Yassine has developed computerized games to help students with phonological concepts: some of them can be used on Yassine's blog which compiles innovative activities and art work of Kindergarten students from the Joseph Haydn School in Immendingen, Germany.

Yassine has travelled extensively, mixing family time and academic research. He is a cyclist and an accomplished table tennis player (French National level) and was a certified official referee for that sport. Yassine and his wife Philomène are thrilled to bring their passion for teaching to L’Ecole Française du Maine.

Philomène Rossini (Assistant Teacher) comes from Metz, capital of the Lorraine region at the junction of France, Germany, and Luxembourg. After earning her Baccalauréat Degree (French High School Equivalent), she went on to complete a Bachelor's Degree at the University of Metz, majoring in European History. Philomène has taught in preschool and elementary schools throughout the Lorraine Region; She also taught high school history and helped her students prepare presentations on the role of women during the French Revolution.

She has a strong interest in children's literature and has been involved in various school libraries (Bibliothèque Centre Documentaire d'école -BCD), offering workshops and activities using books and innovative technologies to engage students in preschools and elementary schools.
Her interest in education and history of art were further reinforced by her extensive travels with her family (Paris, Rome, Venise, Prague, Austria and Germany). She is an avid runner and practices hiking throughout the Alps and the Pyrennees. Philomène loves to read, cinema and she is quite a decent cook!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer reading and activities

Kindergarten and First Grade:
Collections Petit Tandem and Premières Lectures - Edition NATHAN

2nd grade:

L'île aux pirates
by A. Almeras - Edition Bayard Jeunesse
Hors jeu by R. Godel - Edition Bayard Jeunesse
Le Roi de la bibliothèque by M. Knudsen - Edition Grund
Entre chat et chien by E. Battut - Edition Autrement jeunesse
Petite poupée s'en va-t'en guerre by J. Hoestland - Edition Hatier Facettes
Comment devenir un prince charmant en 10 jours by D. Levy - Edition L'Ecole des Loisirs
Pierrot ou les secrets de la nuit by M. TOURNIER - Edition Folio cadet / Gallimard Jeunesse
La montagne aux trois questions by B. Béatrice - Edition Albin Michel Jeunesse
Charlie et la chocolaterie by R. Dahl - Edition Gallimard Jeunesse

3rd grade:

Comment devenir parfait en 3 jours by S. Manes - Edition Rageot
Histoires minutes by B. Friot - Edition Milan
Journal d'un chat assassin by A. Fine - Edition L'Ecole des Loisirs
Les doigts rouges by M. Villard - Edition Syros
Le hollandais sans peine by M.A. Murail - Edition L'Ecole des Loisirs
John Chatterton détective by Y. Pommeaux - Edition L'Ecole des Loisirs
La belle lisse poire du prince de Motordu by Pef - Edition Gallimard
Marie et le chat sauvage by J. Chessex - Edition Grasset
Okilélé by C. Ponti - Edition L'école des loisirs
Qui a tué Minoubonbon ? by J. Périgot - Edition Syros

- Edition Le Lombard; Marion Duval - Edition Bayard jeunesse
Astérix - Edition Hachette/Albert René
Tintin - Edition Herge
Papyrus - Edition Dupuis
Johan et Pirlouit - Edition Dupuis / Le Lombard

4th grade:
La vallée des dinosaures
, Mary Pope OSBORNE
La petite poule qui voulait voir la mer, Christian JOLIBOIS
Fantastique Maître Renard, Roald DAHL
Fifi Brindacier, Astrid LINDGREN
Mademoiselle Zazie et la robe de Max, Thierry LEVAIN

5th/6th grade:
La Sixième
Caïus et le gladiateur, Henri Winterfeld
La Bibliothécaire, Gudule
Théo et l’Enigme des diamants, Didier LETERQ
Blart : Chroniques d’un crétin trouillard qui devait sauver le monde, Dominic BARKER

Website with math excercices for students in elementary grades:
Choisissez un pseudonyme et cliquez sur "Connexion"
==> Pick a username and click "Connexion"

Monday, August 1, 2011

French Camping Retreat - September 16-18

From Friday, September 16, at 5:00 pm, until 10:00 am on Sunday, September 18, French-language enthusiasts will gather for Le Français au bord de la mer, at Blueberry Cove Camp, in Tenants Harbor, for what promises to be a fun, action-packed learning experience, lived entirely in French. Penobscot School in Rockland and French at UMA are co-sponsoring this French immersion weekend for high school juniors and seniors and college students who have studied French for at least two years; French teachers who would like a refresher; and adults with an intermediate level of spoken French. Activities will include games, a treasure hunt (including beach-combing), discussions about contemporary issues, poetry-writing, sports, singing around the campfire, and many other fun things, using French at all times. There is a big lodge where participants will prepare and share authentic meals together, using local, organic ingredients wherever possible. Accommodations at Blueberry Cove Camp are very rustic. The cabins have bunk beds; most have no heat source and no electricity or running water. There are flush toilets and hot showers, just not in most of the cabins. Says Schulz, “C’est le camping en français!"
Tuition for the week end is $105 for full-time students and $145 for adults, Please inquire for group discounts; CEUs available for teachers

L'Ecole is ready

The school is ready for a new school year to start!
L'Ecole has been entirely painted (outside and inside) with new furniture, new white boards, new computers and all materials and supplies have arrived from France after sailing safely across the Atlantic. A special thanks to Adrianna Ulery for her beautiful mural of "Van Gogh's Starry Night" now adorning the boys' bathroom.
She did a beautiful job!!
Merci Annie for sharing your artistic talents with the school!

Les mercredis Ciné - Upcoming Films

Come enjoy an evening filled with snacks and drinks, the opportunity to socialize in French and English and see a great French movie. All films are in French with English subtitles.
(Donations are appreciated.)
6.30pm: Conversation, food and drinks
7.00pm: start of the film
After the film : discussion and exchange of feelings and thoughts

September 21 : Astérix Mission Cléopâtre de Alain CHABAT

October 19 : La Fille coupée en Deux de Claude CHABROL

November 9 : Ponette de Jacques DOILLON

December 14 : Le Concert de Radu MIHAILEANU

January 18 : Roman de Gare de Claude LELOUCH

February 15 : Séraphine de Martin PROVOST

March 21 : Crime d’Amour de Alain CORNEAU

April 25 : Oss 117 de Michel HAZANAVICIUS

May 16 : Les Petits Mouchoirs de Guillaume CANET

June 20 : Potiche de François OZON