Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Défi Science en classe de CP

Plantations en Grande Section

In science, we are working on planting and growing.  First, we observed different seeds with different colors and we made suppositions on what kind of plant will grow from those seeds.


The children think that an orange seed with give an orange or a pumpkin, a black seed will grow a prune, a green one will be an apple .

To check our hypothesis, we started experimenting by planting our seeds.
We know that seeds need water, soil and sun to grow.

We planted some seeds for the classroom and some for ourselves!

We need to use the watering can.

And when we are done...we have to wait... and wait...

for them  to grow. Stay tuned to see what sprouts!

Les CP et CE1 received their diploma for the Rallye Math !! Congratulations.

 The 1st and 2nd grades students  have been rewarded for their effort in participating in the Rallye Math. They  were very proud to receive their diploma. We can't wait for next year to  meet the challenges again. Bravo to all of them.

Les élèves de cp ce1 ont été récompensés de leurs efforts dans la nouvelle édition du rallye maths.  Ils ont reçu leur diplômes avec joie. Vivement l'année prochaine pour relever de nouveaux challenges ! Bravo a toutes et tous !

Visit to the Bickford Collection Museum in Yarmouth

Mr Ring mentioned that we should go visit the Bickford Collection Museum in Yarmouth.

In the 1960s, Erv Bickford bought a 1949 Chevy pickup truck beat-up and restored it to factory condition. The project sparked a passion in Bickford.
That passion is now on display at The Bickford Collection at two locations: Yarmouth Junction on East Elm Street and downtown just off Main Street.

 We " drove" a hot red car.
 Only 18 trucks like this one were built in the US.

At the Railroad Square location, Bickford's family constructed an open-air post-and-beam pavilion and courtyard with more than a dozen vehicles ranging from a pristine 1946 Mack firetruck to a circa-1920 Buffalo Springfield steamroller, which literally ran on steam.
About half of the vehicles are stored under the metal roof of the pavilion. The other half are arranged in a mulch-covered courtyard which is meant to be enjoyed as a playground. it is opened to the public from 1-5.

 The kids' favorite truck to drive..firetruck

We had a lot of fun!!

Memoriser et nommer une grande collection en preschool

Pierre et le Loup

The 3rd graders read about Pierre et le Loup, the famous tale by Prokoviev. We started the project by listening to the original story told by a very famous French actor, Gérard Philippe, after which the students had to answer a series of questions to test their comprehension of the story.
Then we read a version of this famous tale as reworked by Miguelanxo PRADO in a comic book version. We especially focused on the different ways (colors, images) the author explored the tale.
The children created their own comic book version of Pierre et le Loup, following the codes of comic books.
The results are stunning and on display int he hallway. come check them out.

Sciences in Preschool

We were seeing the snow disappearing on the playground and we started to wonder what snow becomes when the weather gets warm. We decided to put some ice and snow in a glass and bring it into our class to see what would happen.   

We waited for a little while and then, looked at the glass again with our eyes and with a magnifying glass.
 We also touched what was in the glass.

 We were very surprised to find that there was water in the glass and that it was cold and wet.

We learned that ice and snow turn into water when it is warm and that we call that process "melting". 

We were very impressed!


The challenge was to create robots, using mostly materials the students found around school.

Meet our new friend, we're not sure what to call him or her...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mathématiques et Art en classe de Cm2 et 6e

In Technology Class, 5th and 6th graders were introduced in writing code. In this interactive exercise, students had to program a turtle in order for the animal to draw a picture. They had to use their Math knowledge about angles, circles and lines.
The results are amazing!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Great fun at the Spring Carnival: May 3, 2014

Here is a glimpse at all of the fun we had at this year's Spring Carnival
- sponsored by the Parents Association. 

Many thanks to parents, teachers and friends for volunteering your time and donating supplies to make the carnival such a great success! Your help with setting up, breaking down, running the games, serving/preparing food and the rummage sale was greatly appreciated! We could not have done it without you!  

Everyone had a great time and the turnout was amazing. There were smiles all around!

Merci beaucoup!
-Beth and Willy

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