Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!!

Our school community celebrated Halloween today! So many fun costumes! So many happy and excited kids and parents! We were lucky to have a beautiful and sunny day for our annual parade.

We went around the playground to form our parade and then proceeded to the post office where the children were welcomed with candy.

After that little stop, we headed down to the Brewer boatyard where we enjoyed lemonade, apple cider, Munchkins and candies. Thank you so much to the Brewers for their generosity! 

 We had a wonderful time! Happy Halloween to you and...don't eat too many candies...;)

Halloween...last projects...

The CE1 and CE2 have been working on a "tableau d'Halloween" where the represented a tree. They chose which character they wanted to add.

Black was the primary color used; they then selected "couleurs chaudes" or "couleurs froides" to complement their piece.

Great job! Those are beautiful!