Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Baskets Donations for Freeport Community Center

Students delivered 24 Thanksgiving Baskets to the Freeport Community Center today! The baskets were full of all the fixings for a dinner for four - including a gift card to purchase a turkey. The baskets were filled with donations from the school community and put together by the Parents Association. Melanie Sachs, FCC Executive Director, and Sue Mack, Family Services Coordinator, complimented the students for the impressive amount of food donations.




EFDM Thansgiving 2013

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Dear "Chef Steph" and all of the Parent Helpers, 

That was really an amazing Thanksgiving Meal - what a success!!!! Steph, we are very grateful for your leadership in organizing and cooking the Thanksgiving community meal, and for all of the support from the Parents'Association volunteers who pitched in to cook, donate items, set up and clean up. Without you, it would not be possible!

It was amazing how many families attended today and how much food was donated this year- it is a wonderful tradition and it is growing! We were happy to see grandparents today too! Thanks to all for making the time to join us!

Dasha's trees were the perfect addition to the tables, really bringing the message to the kids that we all have so much to be thankful for. It will be a great feeling to give the food baskets to the community center next week, and now we can decorate them with leaves and messages from Dasha's art club creations. That is very special!

Knowing Elodie is in Haiti as we gathered today reminds us even more that giving thanks is so important, and that helping others whenever we can really does make a difference. We will all be looking forward to her news, so please watch for posts on Facebook and the blog as we get updates from Elodie over the coming days. Thanks to all of you for supporting Elodie in her humanitarian efforts!

We certainly have a great community at L'Ecole Française du Maine, and we are thankful for all of you, including the famiies who have been with us over the years and the wonderful new families whom we welcome into our community this year. 

One mom told me she plans to take the day off to help next year. Fantastique!! :-) 

It was heart-warming to see you all today, so invested in your children and the school. Merci beaucoup! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Gratefully yours,

Beth and Willy LeBihan

PS: I took home an extra plate of food that no one touched. As I walked in the door, I said to my 13 year old son (who has a bottomless stomach):

"Colin, I have something for you."
He replied excitedly: "Did you bring me food? I almost called and asked if you would bring me some!"

He was thrilled and devoured the entire plate immediately; not even taking time to warm it up. You made his day!!! 

Message to parents of young boys- beware of the grocery bills ahead :-)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Grammaire impertinente chez les CM2 et 6e

Céline wanted to review the past tense, conjugation and the negative phrases with her class:

The students came up with really creative sentences:

I don't want to pet a pink snail- You cannot wash the ogre- He cannot build a blue shoe- She never writes: "Drink the TV"- We don't know how to do Gym on an ostrich-......

I was eating some crocodiles- You were flying pink planes- He was jumping on a hippopotamus
We were playing with vampires-...

Henna Art: Mehni ou l'art de l'application du Henné.

Mehndi (CE2-CM1)

Le mehndi désigne habituellement l'art de l'application du henné sur la peau. C'est une forme provisoire de tatouage, populairement utilisée parmi les femmes dans divers pays arabo-musulmans et en Asie lors de marriage. Au cours de ce projet, les enfants ont appris les éléments clés de dessins au henné et ont pratiqué à les faire sur le papier et les mains.

Mehndi usually means the art of applying henna on the skin.

Popularly used among women in various Muslim Arab countries and Asia during wedding ceremonies.
 This project consisted of learning the key elements of henna designs and practicing beautiful henna patterns on paper and hands.

German Club: numbers and song

German Club from L'Ecole Francaise du Maine on Vimeo.

We hope you enjoy this video of the After School German club- we just started and we already know a lot!

Cochons en chocolat en Grande Section / Kindergarten

What a great start this week: Painting with chocolate


We drew the face of little kids eating some chocolate pudding.

then painted them with chocolate. 

That was really fun

and really yummy.

L'épouvantail de la roue des couleurs.

Color Wheel Scarecrow

During this project the children worked on understanding the role of primary colors in painting. 

Numerous experiments were conducted on how to obtain 
secondary and tertiary colors from blue, red and yellow. 

We also continued our work on representation of a human body. This time the students were asked to draw a scarecrow, using primary colors and their knowledge of the color wheel.

Au cours de ce projet, les enfants ont découvert l'importance des couleurs primaires en peinture. 
De nombreuses expériences ont été faites sur la façon d'obtenir des couleurs 
secondaires et tertiaires à partir de bleu, rouge et jaune.

Nous continuons également notre travail sur la représentation du corps humain. Cette fois, les enfants devaient dessiner un épouvantail, en n'utilisant que les couleurs primaires pour fabriquer d'autres couleurs.

Legos robotiques et créations diverses

Un crocodile part se promener...The children built the crocodile following a plan.
 Others chose to explore their creativity

and add a remote control

Legos Robotic -crocos from L'Ecole Francaise du Maine on Vimeo.

Making Soup : On prépare et on mange de la soupe en classe de maternelle

 We learn to cut the vegetables: carrots, potatoes and squash

 Carrots can be hard to cut
  It is a success.
 We add some water
It is delicious

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

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Showtime ! Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl

"Of course we have a secret identity. We don't know a single superhero who doesn't. Who wants the pressure of being super all the time? "   The Incredibles (2004)