Thursday, March 12, 2015

Revolutionary War - Biography Presentation

Ben Franklin, Abigail Adams, Deborah Sampson, Elizabeth Burgin, George Washington, and Phillis Wheatley visited L'Ecole Francaise du Maine on Wednesday.  In English class, 5th Grade students have been studying the Revolutionary War as well as researching a famous Revolutionary War figure.  Not only did students make a presentation while dressed in costume, but a detailed research paper was also due prior to the presentation.  Kelly could not be prouder of her 5th grades as they all presented their figures confidently and with expertise.  If you have any questions about these Revolutionary War figures, please ask our experts!  Well-done Grade 5!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Children’s OPERA “La Maison du Vieux Léon”

Opera performance of March 12th at 12:30pm at the Franco Center in Lewiston. Below is Joëlle Morris, Artistic Director's, description of the show " La Maison du Vieux Lion is a witty and light opera about a group of school children who follow their beloved teacher on an exciting and surprising adventure together. Sung completely in French, this musical brings together music, French poetry, dance, acting and set design, as the students of l’Ecole Française du Maine created and painted all the sets for the show as well as rehearse their parts. It’s also been a wonderful opportunity for the entire school to participate together in school-wide collaboration, with our 5th and 6th graders helping the preschoolers and the 3rd and 4th graders helping the kindergartners."


Children’s OPERA 
“La Maison du Vieux Léon”
Today, we are going camping ! School bus break down.
A night under the stars. The discovery of a map that leads to the house of the old Léon. But, who is the old Léon?
Artistic Director: Joëlle Morris
Text & Music: Julien Joubert
Piano: Peter Dugas
Choreography: Céline Fournier
Directed by: Frédérique Charnay, Gaëlle Chevallier, Elodie LeNezet, 
Yassine Merchi et Philomène Rossini
Sets and costumes: Dasha Betts et Sandrine Moser
Lights and sounds: Richard Martin
Performed in French by:
80 students of l’Ecole Française du Maine ‘s Chorus 
(preschool through sixth grade)
Elodie LeNezet and Joëlle Morris
North American Première
March 12th , 2015 at 12h30
Franco American Heritage Center Lewiston-Maine
46 Cedar Street, Lewiston, ME 04240

Free performance during “La Rencontre” event
RSVP before March 1st, 2015
(207) 783-1585 or (207) 865-3308

L’ Ecole Française du Maine approved by the Maine Department of Education 
Is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
French Ministry of Education (AEFE) and Mission Laïque Française (MLF)

Enjoying the snow at recess! La récréation des petits dans la neige


La galette des rois

Au mois de janvier, en France, les boulangeries sont pleines de galettes et tout le monde adore fêter les rois! Les classes de GS et CP ont donc préparé quelques galettes...

In the month of January, in France, the bakeries are full of cakes and everyone loves to celebrate with "La galette des rois". The kindergarten and grade 1 classes made some of these cakes...

C'était délicieux!
Et bravo aux enfants qui ont eu la fève: ils sont la reine et les rois! 

Préparation au Rallye Math

This week in Kindergarten, we prepared for a math contest: Rallye Mathématique! We have to work collaboratively to use our math skills (logic, measuring, solving problems), in this contest organized by the French school in North America in April.

Cette semaine, en Grande Section, nous avons fait un Rallye Mathématique! Il s'agit de développer la coopération et l'entraide dans des exercices de math (logique, mesure, résolution de petits problèmes), en vue de préparer le Rallye Math organisé par le réseau AEFE Amérique du Nord au mois d'avril.

Les GS font du yoga

Like every Monday, we found Céline to do yoga.
The practice of yoga develops flexibility, coordination, physical strength, endurance and concentration.
We love our weekly yoga and dance sessions!
We discover postures listening to the stories of Celine.
The bird on the branch, the bird that flies, the cat stretches, the sleeping dog, giraffe eats, crocodile swimming ... it's fun to pretend and create while moving our bodies!
Thank you Celine!