Friday, April 12, 2013

Les CP deviennent écrivains

Yassine asked his students to write a book during their free time. Today, they shared their story. Once done reading the students discussed the ending. Yassine did not correct the story. Bravo to the writers!!

Les échéquiers de Marcel Duchamp

We are continuing to learn about the different periods of art: We had to represent " l'échéquier de Marcel Duchamp.

We painted our boards in whatever colors we wanted

 We added décor

using, feathers, clay, beads, cardboard

Cotton, plastic- lots of choices and ideas!


We used the glue gun to put all those pieces together
We created our chess pieces

et voilà!!!

Weekly swimming lesson at the YMCA

Each week we enjoy our swim lessons at the Casco Bay YMCA- comme des poissons dans l'eau!

Notre arbre à poèmes pour le printemps

We made a poetry tree and all of the visitors to the school were invited to take a poem home.
We also included some drawings of spring.
We also recited some poems to the other classes. Listen for a taste of spring- By the kindergarten class.

Pajama, chocolate and croissants.. a great mix

On pajama day we enjoyed a very special treat- hot chocolate and warm croissants for snack! It was fun spending the day in our "jammies" - and even the teachers joined the fun!
In this video you will see us in our pajamas, and you will hear our chorus sing "Chocolat"!

Le Rallye Mathématiques

Students of 3rd, 4th and 5th grades worked together again this year to solve math problems of the “Rallye Maths”.  In this fun and challenging Math Competition, students have to solve logical problems and choose 8 out of 16 questions. Since the whole group has to send out one single answer sheet, the students not only have to agree on their answers but also discuss where to put the two jokers for extra points. It is great to see how students of different classes interact, discuss and exchange their ideas.

Visite des etudiants de Yarmouth

We were delighted to have a visit of six AP French students and their teacher from Yarmouth High School. They spent time in our classrooms, read us books, and took part in our activities. They were impressed with our speaking abilities!! We were happy to receive a lovely thank you note, it was a pleasure to share the day with these students.

Legos robotiques- Challenge #2

In lego robotics, the kids had to program their robots to go through a maze. Well done!

Learn to relax

Céline is teaching us Yoga and dance. We have learned some positions of many animals- watch what we can do!