Monday, December 7, 2009

Concert November 24: Piano

On November 24, the first Suzuki music concert of the year was performed by the school students. We enjoyed many performances of piano, guitar, violin and cello. Students of Yasmin Craig Vitalius (violin), Nathan Kolosko (guitar), Chiharu Naruse (piano), Leah Neuchiller (piano), Benjamin Noyes (cello) and Gordon Wilcox (cello) treated the audience with many beautiful pieces. Bravo to all the children!

Following are video extracts of the concert.
Please click 'play' to watch Markus performing Slippin' Around by M. Mier.

Concert November 24: Twinkle graduation

During the concert, Romain had his Twinkle graduation. Click play to view an extract of his performance. He was accompanied by his teacher, Nathan Kolosko.
Bravo Romain!

Concert of November 24: Guitar

Please click 'play' to watch Colin and Chloe perform Waltz by M. Guiliani accompanied by their teacher, Nathan Kolosko.

Concert of November 24: Violin

Please click 'play' to view an extract of the Harry Potter Medley (John Williams) played by Elise and accompanied by Leah Neuchiller.

Concert of November 24: Cello

Please click 'play' to view Alex playing Etude by Suzuki.

Les instruments

Nous avons regardé les instruments de Marco. / We looked at Marco's instruments.
Nous avons écouté la musique de Marco. / We listened to Marco's music.
Merci Marco! / Thank you Marco!
La classe de Grande Section - CP / The K-1 class