Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Les os dans le corps

The fifth and sixth grades have begun a new unit studying the bones and muscles of the human body. They worked on being able to distinguish which bones were which and where they are in the body - which is no easy task. They made skeletons by puzzling the different pieces of the body together at the joints. They then wrote out the names of the bones to help visualize where the different parts were placed.

Now they have completed these beautiful models and are moving on to the next chapter...muscles!

Great job everyone! 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Suzuki Concert

Parents, families and friends gathered for the first Suzuki concerts of the year on Monday and Tuesday, November 23 and 24. The concert had to be separated into a two part concert series because so many students were preforming! L'École Française du Maine offers violin, piano, classical guitar, singing and cello. All the students played beautifully and it was clear that they had practiced very hard! Bravo!

Bravo and Félicitation Everyone!

Thanksgiving Baskets

This year we continued our tradition of donating Thanksgiving Baskets to the Freeport Community Center for those in need. This year we managed to donate 25 full Thanksgiving meals! The materials for the baskets were donated by the school community and organized by the Parents Association. The sixth grade students were very helpful and delivered them to the Community Center. Thank you to the Parents Association, the Sixth Grade and the entire school community for donating and helping us continue this important tradition. Merci!

Thank you everyone for helping us make it possible for others to enjoy a happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Coastal Studies for Girls Presentations

Several presentations were made by High School students of Coastal Studies for Girls (CSG) at L'Ecole Française du Maine. Elodie LeNezet teaches one period of French at Coastal Studies for Girls, a semester-long science and leadership school for tenth grade girls, located at Wolfe's Neck in Freeport. As part of the curriculum in French, 6 students came to our school this week to read books to our preschoolers and to present Marine science projects in French about green crabs and Casco Bay water salinity, pH and acidity. A great collaboration between our two schools!

Thanksgiving School Community Luncheon 2015

An immense thank you to all of our volunteers for a fantastic Thanksgiving School Community Luncheon last Monday with 148 plates served !
It was probably the best therapy possible for many of us to overcome the senseless atrocities of Paris, two days prior.  The turkey with stuffing and all the fixings were once again prepared by our talented parents/chefs Stephanie Brewer and Jason Jellick who spent most of their weekends preparing for the festivities and started the oven at 4am on Monday !
Many hands helped prepare the food, set up the room, bake pumpkin cupcakes, set tables, and serve, while others stayed afterwards to stack chairs, fold away tables and clean up. Many thanks to all who pitched in to help, and to those who took the time to join us. Also a special thank you to Dasha and her art students for the beautiful centerpieces in the form of pumpkins. This was the first Thanksgiving meal for our newly arrived staff and they were very impressed, like some new families, by the friendly and cooperative spirit of the celebrations.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Café et Conversation

Each Wednesday morning, the School hosts a coffee and conversation gathering. Parents and staff enjoy the opportunity to ask questions about classroom activities or curriculum, and the chance to get to know one another better. It is always a pleasure to start our day with a friendly chat! Please join us soon!

Panne d' électricité

On the day before Halloween, we arrived at School to find there was no electricity due to a power outage. Since the weather was unseasonably warm and no heating was needed, the School remained open and we made the best of the situation by using battery-operated lanterns. The extra darkness that morning got everyone in the mood for the next day's Halloween festivities!!! What fun!

Le retour aux Sources :-)

Elodie LeNezet, classroom teacher at L'Ecole Française du Maine, has been teaching at the School for almost 10 years. Last week, during the teacher workshops, all staff pitched in to cover classrooms for one another while the professional development was happening. Elodie found herself back with the preschoolers, where she began so many years ago. We noticed she still has that special quality it takes to work with little ones, and they adored her immediately!  Merci, Elodie !

Mission Laïque Française - Merci !

Big thank you to Jean-François Lopez (MLF-North America) for providing inspiring professional development workshops for two days this November for our staff in all grades. Jean-François, from Dallas International School, is the Pedagogical Coordinator for La Mission Laïque Française in North America. He travels to the 22 MLF member schools to ensure common practices and to provide up to date training on various topics. The workshop focused on how to move from oral to written language. Using this year's theme of the Four Seasons, the classrooms will be collaborating to write a school-wide fairy tale following the adventures of a squirrel. With the teaching faculty, there was much discussion about sharing resources and follow-up via video conferencing is planned. Jean-François Lopez will be back this Spring.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The 4th Grade English Class Olympian Gods Present Their Research Work and Costumes.

On Wednesday November 4th, the 4th Grade English class proudly presented their Greek God/Goddess. The 4th Grade English class has been deeply engaged in a Greek Mythology unit. Students have been examining Greek Mythology since September. They began the unit with a quick introduction of the most famous Gods and Goddesses and then examined the family tree (which is not easy!). Students then chose a God or Goddess that they would research in depth during class. They then explored some of the many Greek Myths including Pandora's Box, The Chariot and the Sun, Eros and Psyche, and King Midas and his 'golden touch'.  Also, during this unit, students have been preparing their 'costumes' at home for the presentation of their Greek God/Goddess. Currently, students are acting out plays in class about the Greek Myths.

 Can you tell who is Aphrodite, Hermes, Athena, Artemis, Ares, Eros, Hestia, Demeter, and Dionysis?  

 Students presented their research in front of all of the school's English classes

 But even the Gods still have time to have fun