Friday, October 28, 2011

NYA Reach Out Project

On October 19, students from North Yarmouth Academy came to L'Ecole Française du Maine to help us clear brush in the woods and on the playground. It was a wonderful effort, and the children pitched in to help the "big kids" from NYA during recess. They loaded the branches and sticks onto a tarp and into a truck, to be taken away. We are grateful to the hard-working high school students and the NYA French teacher, Irene Marchenay, who also helped with the project. It was cold and damp outside, so Emilia served a cup of hot chocolate and biscuits to warm them with a well-deserved treat!

Au menu cette semaine

Promenade en forêt

 We went on a nature walk to collect the beautiful autumn leaves and then we used our colorful leaves to make projects in the classroom. It was fun!

Motricité chez les PS/MS

To develop our gross motor skills, we play lots of fun games in "motricité"! 
You can see having fun with the hula hoops!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Play detective in the forest on a weekend walk…

Families are invited to a special walk at Freeport Conservation Trust’s Calderwood preserve, Sunday, October 23, 2-4 PM.  Walk leader Jay Espy is a Freeport resident with a long career working to preserve Maine's special places, a keen interest in the natural world, and many hours spent in the woods with his kids. Interpretative part of the walk will be targeted at elementary school-aged children through adults.

Jay and walk participants will try to discern the history of the now forested landscape: Did people once live here? How can we tell? Did this place used to look differently? We’ll also share what we know about the trees, plants and animals seen at the preserve. 

Walk involves a 1-mile, flat terrain loop on the inland side of the road and a half mile loop along the shore of Maquoit Bay.

Directions: From the LL Bean retail store follow Bow Street/Flying Point Road towards Brunswick for just over 5 miles. 

For more information:, 869-1012 or 712-0035 or on facebook.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Loup mon oeil!

Première séance de cuisine, CE2
First cooking class, 3rd grade

    Les CE2 ont cuisiné leurs propres tourtes au poulet avec Emilia. Ces tourtes sont spéciales. Pourquoi? Elles sont à thème: les cochons. Les élèves lisaient le livre 'Le loup mon œil' de Susan Meddaugh pendant la classe de lecture.
    The third graders cooked their own chicken pot pies with Emilia. These pot pies are special. Why? They are pig-themed. The students were reading the book, 'Le loup mon œil' [The wolf, I doubt it!] by Susan Meddaugh in their reading class.

    Cet album s'agit d'un cochon qui se perd en essayant de rentrer à la maison. Il est attrapé par un loup, qui a envie de le manger en soupe. Heureusement, notre cochon est astucieux. Il invente une histoire : sa mère connait la meilleure recette de soupe, et il peut la lui enseigner. Donc, le cochon convainc le loup d’accomplir quatre tâches très difficiles pour rassembler les ingrédients. Il se fait mal à chaque fois. La dernière tâche était de ramasser des trèfles au milieu du lierre toxique, ce qui fait que le loup se gratte beaucoup. Le cochon explique au loup que s'il le libère, il arrêtera 'son sortilège,' appelé 'Le loup mon œil.' Finalement, le cochon s'échappe.
    This book is about a pig who gets lost trying to return home. She is caught by a wolf who wants to eat her in a soup. Fortunately, our pig is clever. She makes up a story - that her mother knows the best soup recipe, and that she can explain it to the wolf. So the pig convinces the wolf to do four unbearable tasks to collect the ingredients. He gets hurt or in trouble each time. The last task was to collect clovers that were in the middle of poison ivy, which caused the wolf to scratch himself quite a bit. The pig explains that if the wolf lets her go, she will stop "her spell," called "The wolf, my eye!" She escapes at the end.

    Les élèves ont mélangé la farine avec du lait et d’autres ingrédients pour faire une pâte. Ils ont découpé le visage de leurs cochons dans cette pâte. Puis, avec le reste de la pâte, ils ont formé les jambes, les oreilles et les nez.
    The students mixed flour with milk and other ingredients to make a dough. They cut out the face of their pig from this dough. Then, with the remaining dough they shaped the legs, the ears, and the nose of their pig.

     Ils ont ensuite mélangé la sauce aux petits-pois avec des carottes. Après avoir versé ce mélange dans une tasse, ils ont mis dessus les visages des cochons. Les élèves ont ajouté des détails: le nez, les oreilles, les jambes. Emilia a cuit les tourtes une fois que les enfants ont eu terminé. Chacun a reçu son propre cochon à la fin de la journée, prêt à être mangé!
    Following that, they mixed the pea sauce with carrots. After having poured the mixture into a cup, they put the faces on top. The students added many details: the nose, the ears, the legs. Emilia cooked the pot pies when the students finished. Everyone went home with their own pig at the end of the day, ready to eat!

Les plantes

In Science class, we are currently studying how plants change and adapt throughout the seasons. Therefore, we are learning about trees, annuals and perennials. Besides other experiments, we did also plant some tulips for spring color.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Party on Mt. Olympus












Many Gods and Goddesses gathered at the end of our unit on Greek Mythology to celebrate with a party on Mt. Olympus.
Our school chef helped the students prepare food fit for the gods, including ambrosia, nectar, fruits, pitas, hummus, and shish kebabs. While enjoying the feast, they shared stories about themselves and their many adventures.
In attendance were Artemis, Apollo, Zeus, Demeter, Ares, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Athena, and Hermes, as well as storytellers from the past.