Thursday, March 17, 2016

Math Club talks about time and sound

Last week Math Club last week had fun talking about sound. They talked about how sound is mathematical and how it can be measured.  Using pipes made out of straws they talked about tones and sound waves and used the sound meter to observe the sounds they made. This week they talked about time and made a clock together. Everyone is having so much fun! Great Work Math Club!

Portland Museum of Art

Students in Grades 2-6 recently visited the Portland Museum of Art.  At the museum, students observed artwork throughout the museum while discussing the Elements of Design (line, shape, color, direction, size, and texture), portraiture, and French art.  

The 3rd grade visits Yarmouth Visitor's Center

The 3rd Grade students visited the Visitor's Center in Yarmouth to gather information about Maine. They have just begun a unit that focuses on the State of Maine where they are working on labeling all 16 counties in Maine, singing the '16 Counties of Maine' song, and researching a county of their choice. Students gathered information about their chosen county for their research project to create a travel brochure for their county. Their brochure will include restaurants, accommodations, things to do, special events, as well as factual information specific to each county. Good Luck to the 3rd Grade!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Math Club Glows with Success

The Crazy 8s Math Club had its first meeting on Thursday. The students were very happy as they worked with glow sticks as a tool to talk about about dimensions, polygons and patterns. Students also invented their own shapes which included "hot dog" and "human". Everyone had so much fun and is looking forward to the next meeting. Great work everyone!