Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Cumberland Farmers Market in Freeport Coming in May!!

Celebrating Our 13th Season at Freeport Town Hall, Main Street
On Fridays, starting May 22nd until early October
2:00 - 6:00 PM

Friday, April 17, 2009

France in Boston:

Please click on the title of this article or go to the following website to view the blog of the French Consulate in Boston:
You will find many interesting articles on events happening in New England.

International School of Boston: International Gala & Auction - May 1, 2009

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Monday, April 13, 2009


Thank you to all the volunteers who helped stack up the chairs after the show on Monday!
Eric Labelle for organizing the 3-4-5 graders field trip to Bath Water District.

UMF dancers performance

On Thursday April 9, the UMF dancers performed at L'Ecole Française du Maine for the children. It was a wonderful performance that sent our imaginations soaring! The company performed numerous improvisatinal pieces on a wide variety of themes, including dancing with swimming noodles and scarves, a dance to a peom about chickens (not very serious!), and finally a dance, dedicated to Beth and Willy, to the spoken text of an Irish recipe for turnip soup...yes, this was an once in a lifetime experience! The children were attentive and fascinated, it was great fun for all. We were thrilled to welcome the UMF Dancers . Beth and Mikki Cote (former company members) had fun joining in...they can be seen in the colorful sacks pictured above... if you can find them! Thank you Margaret and the UMF Dancers!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Les stages:

Valérie Legentil and Elodie Le Nezet Soule are attending the second part of their training on oral language on April 14-15-16, 2009. They had joined Awty International School of Houston, Texas in November for the first part and found the training organized by the Mission Laïque Française very interesting. They were pleased to join the International school of Boston for the second part.
Friderike Munz will also attend a training course organized by the AEFE. She will go to a workshop on dyslexia in Montreal on April 27-28, 2009.

La cabane à sucre:

On Wednesday April 1, the GS, CP and CE1 went on a field trip to the Jillson’s Sugar House in Sabattus. When we arrived, delicious pancakes and fresh maple syrup were waiting for us…what a treat !
We went into the sugar house with Mr. Jillson and learned about the whole process…and we even saw a bear skin !
After that, we went through the farm with Nancy who showed us baby rabbits, a horse, chickens, pigs, a very cuddly goose, sheep and a little lamb. Then, we went into the sugar bush and saw the maple trees from where the sap is taken.
We had a really fun-filled day !

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Le corps humain:

Victorija Smith came into the 1st and 2nd grade class to make a presentation on the human body. It was very interesting and we learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Merci beaucoup!
Les CP/CE1

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Volunteers needed at Wolfe's Neck Farm

Lamb watch 2009 has officially begun at Wolfe's Neck farm with the speedy arrival of Flash, a 13 pound, Ram Lamb on Friday, March 27th. Volunteers were key and critical to his survival the first day, including an overnight stay at the home of one of the volunteers to help him overcome a serious case of hypothermia.

If you would be willing to take a lamb watch shift Mitch would be very appreciative. Please contact him to receive the lamb watch schedule.
If it is your first time, he will be happy to give you a short training at the farm. Remember, you are not obligated to do anything more than call if you see a problem. The other instructions are only if you are willing.

For more information, please contact:
M D "Mitch" Mitchell
Education Coordinator
Wolfe's Neck Farm
Main #: (207) 865-4469 Education: 865-4363