Thursday, May 9, 2013

Salsa, Cuba and fun at

Gary Wittner and his friend Rafael Freyre came to school this week to play some salsa. They talked about Cuba and taught us some salsa moves. It was really fun to see our guitar teacher play.

Fun at the carnival

2013-Carnival from L'Ecole Francaise du Maine on Vimeo.

It was the perfect day for our 3rd annual carnival. We participated in some great games like water balloon toss, egg run, and mummy contest, limbo, pie eating contest, lollipop tree, pig races, and many more.  There were two balloon animal makers meeting every imaginable demand to the great delight of the children!

Thanks to all of the parents and teachers who volunteered at the stands! We got our faces painted, went to the wacky hair salon, and made many crafts. Thanks to all who donated items for the rummage sale, it was a hit!

We ate some great food too. We had a lot to choose from, including: 
Taylor Made Smoke ( who cooked some super yummy pulled pork, hot dogs, and burgers and "La poutine"- french fries with cheese. For dessert, we ate some waffle ice cream cones at Jennifer Yilmaz's booth and delicious French crêpes at Henri 's!!

There were some amazing gift baskets for raffle and also there were some wonderful silent auction prizes. We would like to thank the sponsoring businesses who generously donated goods or services to our event to benefit the Parents' Association:

Silent Auction Sponsors:

Maine Foodie Tours- Old Port Culinary Walking Tour
Dr. Michele Shems DMD, PA - $500 gift certificate for Orthodontic services
L'Ecole Française du Maine - Adult French Classes- $375 gift certificate
Casco Bay YMCA- Splash Party
Ture Colors Salon - Hair Care Basket
Anabelle Grigorescu of Northeast Acupuncture Center, $270 gift certificate for Acupuncture services
Eliza Lussier- Ballet Birthday Party / Private Ballet Lessons
Freeport Conservatory Supply- 3 hours of handyman work
Morong Falmouth- Professional Auto Reconditioning
Hana Poulin - Horeseback Riding Lesson
Shaina Graff- Violin Lesson

Raffle Basket Sponsors:

Desert of Maine
Hilton Garden Inn- Freeport, Maine
Clayton's Café
Portland Museum of Art
Freeport Hardware
Estabrooks Nursery
Casco Bay Ford
Halo Garden- handcrafted headbands
Skillin's Nursery
Bingas Wingas
New England Car Wash
Saltwater Grille
Joe's Boathouse
Brewer's Marine
Cinemagic Theatre
Clay Play
Family Ice Skating in Falmouth
Winslow Park
Casey Family- Stonewall Kitchen Goodies Basket
Brewer Family

And last but not least, we extend sincere thanks to Steph Brewer and Caryn Bickerstaff, our two utterly amazing parents association leaders who spent countless hours making this event such a huge success!!  Merci Beaucoup a tous!!  It was a really great day!

On filtre l'eau en science- Classe de CM1 et CM2

In this little video, the 5th grade students explain how they made water filters out of plastic bottles and how they filtered the water. They learned through their experimentation that the filters using more sand resulted in clearer water- very interesting, watch and see!
SVT filtre a sable from L'Ecole Francaise du Maine on Vimeo.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Les maternelles participent à la " teddy bear clinic" à l'hôpital de Brunswick

This Friday, we went to Mid Coast Hospital in Brunswick for the Teddy Bear Clinic. 
This outing taught us that we don't need to be afraid when we need to go to see the doctor. In caring for our teddy bears, the hospital staff showed us they are gentle and can help us feel better when we are hurt.

 First, we listened to some songs. The clown who was singing also had funny instruments which made us laugh!

Then, we went to see the nurses with our teddy bears so they could help us take care of them.
We put bandages on our stuffed friends. Also they could breathe through the oxygen mask. 

 We looked at some X-rays and learned that they did not hurt. 
We saw all kinds of medical instruments, such as stethoscopes.

It was very interesting and also a lot of fun!

Dental health lesson in Kindergarten

We had a wonderful treat in the kindergarten classroom!
We learned from two parents who are dentists how and why we need to take good care of our teeth.
Thank you Mimi for finding the video on You Tube that showed a bird cleaning somebody's teeth; it was really funny! Thank you Debbie for the other activities including a take home dot to dot puzzle.

We also want to thank the staff at Dr. Shems Orthodontic office in Falmouth for putting together goodie bags filled with toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss and stickers. Thank you Dr. Bernier too for including even more dental care goodies to take home.
The puppets were a lot of fun, they had teeth just like ours and they showed us how to brush properly and to care for our teeth.