Friday, February 5, 2016

School Director Willy LeBihan prepares over a hundred crêpes for La Chandeleur

On the second of February, France celebrated it's national holiday of crêpe making, La Chandeleur is a holiday in France that marks the possible end of winter and the return of light. To mark this event, the entire nation heads to the kitchen to celebrate the oncoming of spring by making crêpes. Willy LeBihan, Director of L'École Française du Maine, embraced his Brittany origins, the region of France famous for their crêpes, as he prepared over 100 crêpes for the students. Everyone had a blast eating the crêpes as there is nothing quite as wonderful in the world as crêpes with Nutella. The school is very thankful for Willy's generous work and felicitates him as his crêpes were délicieux! 

Merci Willy et Bon Appétit! 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sugarloaf Friday !

Our first trip to Sugarloaf on Friday, January 22nd was a blast with blue sky and not a bit of wind ! In the morning many students took ski or snowboard lessons with Sugarloaf ski instructors; we all gathered for lunch in the lodge and quickly returned to the slopes for another three hours of skiing with students divided in different ability level groups. I offer my sincere thanks to the parents who made this outing possible by volunteering to help students with skiing, carpooling, providing organizational support, and pitching in to help with lunch and more! Without their help and support, this trip could never have come to fruition. This day will remain a happy memory for our students. It was fun to share this time together outside of the school, such a positive and memorable experience. Our next trip is Friday, February 5th, I hope to see you on the happy trails of Sugarloaf !

State Police K9 Unit at School

Special thank you to Drew Morris and John Morris, Public Safety Commissioner for the State of Maine and Grandfather of two students at L'Ecole Française du Maine, for planning this demonstration by the K9 Unit of the State Police.  The 45 minute presentation captivated our students and it was a pretty tough act to follow for the teachers for the remainder of the day :-)




Students got to pat the dogs and were thrilled and enthralled by the presentation. The dogs were so impressive in all of their abilities: they proved to be loving companions, diligent workers and vigilant protectors, just so amazing!!!!

State Police K9 Unit teams are available 24 hours/day and respond to many types of calls in all weather conditions. Calls for service include tracking lost persons or persons suspected of committing a crime. Searching for discarded evidence, both known and unknown. Searching for suspects concealed in buildings. Locating prohibited narcotics hidden in vehicles, structures and on persons. Searching for explosives. Explosive searches are split between actual calls for suspected devices and precautionary searches for dignitaries and VIP’s. Patrol dogs also provide protection for their handlers and deterring ongoing criminal behavior.

DELF Examiners / Scorers

Congratulations to Elodie LeNezet and Laura Piehl for successfully becoming certified DELF Examiners/Scorers after attending a training session in Boston sponsored by the French Consulate, the Alliance Française of Boston and CIEP/French Ministry of Education. This certification allows the students and alumni of L'Ecole Française du Maine to prepare the DELF (Diplôme d' étude en Langue Française). Bravo Elodie and Laura !!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Students Bake Cookies for Freeport Community Center Event

Friday, January 8, students from the 4th, 5th and 6th grades baked cookies for the Freeport Community Center event, Just Desserts!. This Freeport Community Center event is in it's sixth year where on First Fridays of the year they offer "five sweet evenings full of music with desserts and coffee."(link to event details below) To support this community event the students baked the over 100 cookies! They wrote out the recipe and measured all the ingredients themselves. The students had great fun baking the cookies and were happy to help.

Bon Appétit :)

Link to event: