Friday, December 13, 2013

Math en CP

Math fun for the first grade!

Problème de lapins

The Kindergarden class has some creative math fun!

Vocabulaire en classe de CE1

 In vocabulary, the students from the CE1 are discovering how to use the dictionary.
They work in little groups, looking for the words using their skills on alphabetical order.
Then, it is time for reading.
Everyone discovers the books in our class library.

 Bonne lecture!

Monday, December 9, 2013

La galette au beurre du petit chaperon rouge

Because we've been studying Little Red Riding hood, we decided to do some experiential learning and make a galette, like the one in Little Red Riding Hood. 


To make the galette we needed flower, milk, butter, yeast, sugar and eggs

We mixed all the ingredients in the bowl, it was fun and it was messy!

  We rolled the dough in a round shape.

We took our galette home to enjoy with our family.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo visited the 1st and 2nd Graders

Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of such objects as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and books. We did a study of him and created our own self portraits using his techniques!

 For this project children cut  old magazines to create an imaginary face. They picked a category of objects to work with such as: fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, or books.

The results were beautiful and the children loved creating their self portraits!

Today is special: première neige

We got our first snow of the year last week!!  We know there is more coming soon!

 First snow angels

First snowman
Happy winter!!

Thanksgiving dans la petite section

 For Thanksgiving, we painted with our hands and even with our feet to make turkeys to decorate the classroom!

 It was a lot of fun! We added plastic eyes and a sticker for the beak.


The Moyenne section children also continued a pattern with stickers that they put all around their turkey.

  Finally, we thought about all the things and people we were thankful for in our lives and each of us drew them on a paper feather.
We made a big turkey with all of our feathers. It is still on our classroom door, so you can come and have a look at all the reasons we found to be thankful for.

Les GS fabriquent des mangeoires pour les oiseaux

The snow is starting to arrive here in Maine - we expect our first storm shortly. Since the birds will have more and more difficulty finding food in these snowy months, we made bird food for them. We learned about the types of birds who inhabit Maine through the winter and what they like to eat!
 First we made some necklaces with cereals to hang on trees, then

  we used rolls with peanut butter and seeds to make our bird feeders! 

We went outside and  hung them to the trees - bon appétit

Concert Kinderkonzert

 Last week La Maternelle et Les Grandes sections went to the Freeport Performing Art Center to listen to The Portland Symphony Orchestra's quartet plays some AESOP's Fables.
The children were able to explore a wide range of musical instruments and learn more about what it was like to play in a professional orchestra!

The PSO's quartet+1

In each fables, one instrument represented an animal. The flute was the tiny mouse, the French horn the lion.

One of the songs played was "The Country Mouse and The City Mouse" and

 "The Fox and The Cheese"
Each musician presented the characteristics of his instrument to the students, giving them a closer look at specific instruments.
"The Lion and the Mouse"

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Baskets Donations for Freeport Community Center

Students delivered 24 Thanksgiving Baskets to the Freeport Community Center today! The baskets were full of all the fixings for a dinner for four - including a gift card to purchase a turkey. The baskets were filled with donations from the school community and put together by the Parents Association. Melanie Sachs, FCC Executive Director, and Sue Mack, Family Services Coordinator, complimented the students for the impressive amount of food donations.