Monday, May 6, 2013

Les maternelles participent à la " teddy bear clinic" à l'hôpital de Brunswick

This Friday, we went to Mid Coast Hospital in Brunswick for the Teddy Bear Clinic. 
This outing taught us that we don't need to be afraid when we need to go to see the doctor. In caring for our teddy bears, the hospital staff showed us they are gentle and can help us feel better when we are hurt.

 First, we listened to some songs. The clown who was singing also had funny instruments which made us laugh!

Then, we went to see the nurses with our teddy bears so they could help us take care of them.
We put bandages on our stuffed friends. Also they could breathe through the oxygen mask. 

 We looked at some X-rays and learned that they did not hurt. 
We saw all kinds of medical instruments, such as stethoscopes.

It was very interesting and also a lot of fun!