Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Are dreams hiding under your pillow? /Les rêves se cachent-ils sous ton oreiller?

The CM1 and CM2 have been working on a reading/writing project based on Anne Terral's book, Les rêves se cachent-ils sous ton oreiller, that explore all sorts of questions like "Does the ocean laugh when the boats tickle it?" or "Is vacation road as excited as you to jump into the ocean?"...

After the reading phase, the children had to think about their own question and illustrate it in a way similar to Anne Terral. Here are the results of their hard work...

 When it snows, is Maine cold?

 Is the Eiffel Tower taller to be more reknown?

 Are spirals tired of turning?

 What happens when a fish does not like to swim?

 Are mountains that high so they can see the landscapes?

Does pencils choose their own color?

Would oranges have another name if they were another color?

These are available in the school's hallway if you want to have a look...