Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nail Art en classe de CE2 et CM1

String art, or pin and thread art, is an arrangement of colored thread strung between grid of to nails hammered into a wooden board to form abstract geometric patterns or representational designs.  Other forms of string art include curve stitching, in which string is stitched through holes. Though straight lines are formed by the string, the slightly different angles and metric positions at which strings intersect may give the appearance of Bézier curves.

We were inspired by Nail Art that is designed and produced by Maine native Heather Kelly. Using "up-cycled" and repurposed wood as a canvas for art, she creates raised images using string and nails. These images are simple in design, but paired with the rustic wood, and the subtle shimmer of nails, a striking and beautiful result emerges. Heather enjoys each step of the creative process, from collecting wood on beach walks, to the repetition of hammering and in the random connection of string. The serene quality of this process carries through to the final product.