Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Les Ce2 et Cm1 relient leur livre à Running with Scissors Art Studios!

For the first part of our bookbinding project, we went to Running with Scissors Art Studios in Portland. We meet with Eric that showed us all the different tools he is using to bind books.
He also presented to us different kind of materials he uses: leather, paper and cardboard.

We were able to make our own book.

For the second part of our bookbinding project, our friend Eric DRZEWIANOWSKI of DSKI Designs came to help us bind the stories we wrote in class and illustrated. 


We had done the illustrations on the page next to text and put the folded pages together to create the book.

He showed us how to drill a hole (due to the many pages)
 then, we took a large needle and waxed thread to pass through the holes to do a "Pamphlet Stitch".

 And there it was: our first book!
Mille mercis to Eric for teaching us the keys to book binding!