Friday, April 18, 2014

Histoire à Quatre Voix

The 3rd graders studied the wonderful Histoire à Quatre Voix, by Anthony Browne. It tells the story of a promenade in a park, told by the 4 main characters: a mom and her son Charles and a dad and his daughter Réglisse. They go to the park with their dogs, Victoria and Albert. Through the different voices, we explored the characters' feelings and the impact of that promenade on their lives.
As a style exercise, the students chose either Albert or Victoria and had to retell the story from their perspective.
Anthony Browne's universe and illustrations are very colorful, charged with symbolism and references to famous artists. We hunted for those references and the students used some of the recurrent elements on the illustrations they made for their story.
You can see their work in the hallway. Enjoy!