Monday, May 24, 2010

Programme de sciences à la ferme

The class of CE1/CE2/ CM1 (Grades 2/3/4) went on five field trips to Wolfe's Neck farm within the last three weeks.
The activities were designed to enrich the science curriculum on the study of living animals and plants.

The program was:
- What's up with waste ?
- How does the garden grow ?
- Healthy food from healthy soils.
- Doing it ourselves...
- Cycles and celebrations.

We did some real farm work, but we also played games, and we learned a lot by observing and experimenting. We are a lot more aware of the importance of healthy products grown on a farm, and that we need to respect ecosystems and our environment. It was a wonderful program and we were very exited and motivated to learn while having fun on the farm!