Wednesday, May 12, 2010

le supermarché

Tuesday, we went to Hannaford Supermarket in Yarmouth. Even if it's an unexpected place for a field trip, we had lots of fun and learned a lot. We went for a tour of the store looking for the three stars products (the healthiest ones); in the produce department, we ate a clementine. We also learned the most popular fruit in the USA is the banana and in the world, the mango. Then we went to the bakery where a baker showed us how she makes a flower out of frosting. Next, we visit the seafood and meat aisles; we touched a lobster and we got some stickers. Then we went into the ''secret place'' behind the store. There, we discovered what is going on behind the shopping. We even went into the ''chambre froide''. We left Hannaford with a bag of gifts and our teachers got a flower.

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