Thursday, May 27, 2010

Enregistrement de la chorale

Tuesday May 18 was an important day for the little singers of L'Ecole Française du Maine.
After a year of hard work and many beautiful performances, it was time to record a CD.
Satronen Sound came to school that morning, and we created our very own recording studio in the Community Hall of South Freeport. We started with La chorale des petits (Pre-K through Grade 1) who were then joined by La chorale des grands (Grade 2 through 7) to record one song together: La Mère Michel. La chorale des grands then proceeded to record their 2009-2010 repertoire.

You can click on the videos above for a sneak peak of their beautiful job.
The CDs will be available shortly ($10). Please call the school at (207) 865 3308 if you would like to receive a copy.