Monday, May 1, 2017

Presentation on birds with Marshall Iliff

On April 28th, Marshall Iliff came to school to talk about birds.

He went to the Preschool class first with an owl, an owl's wing, a few other skulls and taxidermied birds and shared his passion about birds. 

There was a presentation to the rest of the students at the Community Hall during which he talked about fascinating birds with very colorful feathers and very unique moves. He brought recordings of bird's songs and taught students some of the songs (barn owl, chickadee...). After the presentation, it was time to explore and observe in real life at the Mast Landing Audubon Sanctuary. 

Marshall brought along bird guides, binoculars, telescope, recordings of songs and a speaker. After having observed an Eastern phoebe's nest, he placed the speaker in a tree and played some of the birds' songs. The chickadees started flying around, it was amazing! Students shared binoculars to be able to observe them with more precision. They walked arounds the woods to see more birds. Some groups even saw an hawk!

Thank you so much Marshall for sharing your time and passion with us today! What a great gift it was!