Friday, May 12, 2017

Growstown School

In English class, students in Grades 4 and 5 visited Growstown Schoolhouse. Growstown is a 'living history' schoolhouse located in Brunswick, where students participate in a day of school during the nineteenth century. Today's date at the was May 10, 1853. 

At home, students prepared their costumes and appropriate lunches for the time period. 

The school day began promptly at 9.30 am. Our scholars participated in spelling, reading, memorization, arithmetic, geography, singing, and art. A quill pen and ink were used to write. Some of our scholars received 'punishments' for bad behavior. (Of course these punishments were not deserved; they were part of the 'acting'.) These punishments included noses to the chalkboard, wearing a cap in front of the class, and hanging by braids!  This may sound frightening, but our scholars enjoyed these ancient punishments!

Students also participated in recess by skipping rope and playing games that were enjoyed by students during the nineteenth century. And of course, don't forget students also used the privy, or outhouse, when needed.

The Growstown trip was certainly a special and memorable day and will be cherished by all.