Tuesday, January 28, 2014

On a visité la Brewer Marina

On a visité la Brewer Marina

Our school participates in a scientific challenge organized by the  réseau of the North American french schools. We have to build something that floats (a boat?) that is able to move independently while carrying something  that weighs 500g.

We first try different materials or objects that float

To understand how boats float and move, we were lucky to go visit Brewer Marines that is located in South Freeport, close to L'Ecole Française du Maine
John gave us the tour starting underneath the boats.

Mr. Brewer explained the keel and the rudder.

Each boat has a different keel.

Some children were surprised because boats are not just on the water, but have keels underneath as well so they don't capsize.  We didn't show keels when we made our boat drawings originally - but now we know!

There is a part under water  !

Some of the rudders are big

Some rudders are smaller because the boat uses to wind to move. So we went to see the masts!

It was really impressive!

All aboard!!

We even visited down below on some boats!!

We asked a very important question to John: What material is used to build boat?
The answer is fiberglass. That is going to be hard to find we thought.

Before leaving we got a souvenir!! A key chain that floats!!
 Thank You John for letting us visit your marina. We leaned a lot!!