Friday, June 1, 2012

On s'amuse bien à la garderie!

Everyday, between 3:30PM and 5:30PM, children of all grades meet in afterschool care. They start with a little snack and then take advantage of their time in “garderie” to run, play, talk, draw, and do their homework…
It is a good time for the students to share games with friends of their class or with children of different age groups. According to the weather, aftercare is offered inside or outside on the playground.
Outside, the older children organize sports competitions for the younger ones, pull sleds, children play ball, play with trucks, build forts or fairy houses…
Inside, children make dinner in the play kitchen, play with cars, Legos, prepare meals out of play-doh, do puzzles, do collages and drawings, create puppet shows and they even dance sometimes!
This is so much fun that when mom and dad arrive, the children find it difficult to leave, they want to stay just a little bit longer or they go hide in hopes to stay at school all night!
Many thanks go to Philomene who has been running the garderie this year to the great pleasure of the children and parents!