Friday, March 16, 2012

Elodie- Merci Beaucoup pour ton travail en Haïti!

On behalf of L'Ecole Française du Maine, we would like to thank Elodie LeNezet for her volunteer work in Haiti over the spring vacation. Her work is admirable and inspiring, and we look forward to seeing the photos and hearing all about her trip!

Elodie spent her vacation working with teachers in Haiti to help them teach more effectively to large classes, of sometimes as many as 70 children per class, in limited conditions. Please take a moment to thank Elodie personally for this amazing volunteer effort when you see her!

As you may know, L'Ecole Française du Maine sponsored this trip. We want to thank those of you who have already contributed to this important cause.

It is not too late to help!

Although we did receive many generous contributions, we did not reach our goal of covering the expenses of flights to Haiti and vaccinations.

We needed to raise $1,950 to cover actual costs, and so far we have raised $920. While this is a great start, we still have a way to go.

Should we surpass our goal of covering actual expenses, any proceeds will go towards sponsoring children at the school where Elodie volunteered. For just $225 you can sponsor a child for a whole year, including education, school uniform and a lunch each day!

We want to thank the families in the K-1 class who worked together and gave solar-powered BoGo lights as a class. It was wonderful to involve the children in this effort.

Thanks also to all of you who donated sharpies and highlighters as requested. You cannot imagine how such a small gesture can make such a big difference!

Special thanks go to the following families and friends who have already made monetary contributions:

Faulstich, Devlin, Doolan, Welsher,
EFDM Parents' Association, Merchi, LeBihan, Hannigan, Bickerstaff, Brewer, Neuschiller, Levesque, Legall, and Mechtenberg

Elodie has already expressed interest in returning to Haiti in the near future to continue this work, and we completely support her! We must not forget the difficult situation in Haiti. Even though it no longer is covered in the press, the challenges are as present as ever. Let's all pull together and make a difference!

Thank you again Elodie for being so giving of yourself and your talent as a teacher for such a worthy cause!

*L'Ecole Française du Maine is a non-profit corporation 501(c) 3, and all donations are tax-deductible. Thank you!