Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lunch at Provisions

Having Lunch au restaurant is fun and delicious!
Meet Margot!
A long time dream has come true- 
The children of L'Ecole Française du Maine are now 
having lunch daily at "Provisions", the adjacent café in the village!

The School extends thanks to Provisions and owner, Margot, for catering lunches for the School. The children are now able to go to Provisions each noon for their lunch. Margot prepares delicious healthy homemade meals to the delight of the children and staff. This new partnership is a win-win for all. Margot has been very easy to work with as we adapt to this new program. She has shown a true interest in the children and in preparing meals they will like and that are healthy. Margot will also continue our tradition of preparing meals that can also support the curriculum, such as foods from a country being studied in the classroom. Please join us in welcoming Margot into the school community!

The School has been challenged with preparing meals each day for growing numbers of children and with limited space for lunches, while Provisions was operating only seasonally in the village. Collaboration turned out to be the ideal solution. With the school lunch program, Provisions will be able to stay open year-round- news which has been well-received in the village, and eating at Provisions frees up needed space in the School! We are very excited about this collaboration, and the students are also very happy too!

The School wishes to thank Freeport Services, Inc. for their wonderful work in grooming the path between the school and the "restaurant". They painted a crosswalk across the school parking lot, opened the fence for a gate, and groomed the path by clearing brush and adding crushed rock. Next they built a ramp to replace stairs for the children to access the lunch room more easily. Now, the children can walk to the restaurant without ever going near the road. They enter the lunch room by an entrance that is off-limits to and separated from the café itself. The lunch room has it own bathroom too. The School thanks Doug Piehl and his crew at Freeport Services, Inc. not only for the amazing work they completed, but for making it all happen in time for our first day of the new lunch program!

Finally, thanks go to John Brewer and the Brewer Marine Crew for helping move the lunch tables from the school to the restaurant, and to the families who have been so supportive and have shown their enthusiasm for this new and refreshing change in the lunch program! Bon appetit!!