Friday, February 3, 2012

« Couper, coller, dessiner, imaginer » par les CM1, CM2 et 6èmes

After having explored the use of watercolor in the art of Edward Hopper, we traveled through magazines and our imaginations for our latest art project.
The students brought some magazines in, out of which I selected some people and cut them out.
The children were invited to choose a cutout that was then cut in half to their surprise… the goal was to recreate and draw the other half of their character. It was a pretty hard task that they executed very nicely. After coloring it, and while remaining true to the original, they had to choose another person and create a whole story to fit them both in a « Story on paper »…and use their imaginations.

Their works are, once again, fantastic and you can check them out in the hallway!
Bravo les artistes!