Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A letter from France...

The class of CE1, CE2 and CM1 has been very excited to receive news from their pen pals from France.
They sent us some very interesting things. They had a project to study breakfast in each of the countries of the European Communities. They researched and did an exhibit on it. And they sent us a booklet they made on their research. We enjoyed reading about their discoveries.

In our first letter to them, we had asked them many questions on their school life in France. With their answers, we discovered it is pretty close to ours. They sent us sheets of answers to our questions. On top of this, they sent us the recipe for madeleines… miam miam ! We can’t wait to try it.

In our next letter to them, we will answer the questions they sent us among other surprises.


Les CE1, CE2, CM1