Thursday, January 14, 2010

Le Défi Lecture

The children from CE1 through 7th grade have been meeting weekly for 30 minutes in order to read together. We have divided the children in 4 groups, each group with 3 levels of reading; CE1 and CE2 together, CM1, CM2 and 6th together and 7th grade.

The challenge was that each group, starting in October, would meet every week to read those 3 books (one for each reading level). They would make sure that they understood the plot, knew the characters… The challenge would end with a contest in the shape of a quiz with questions to be answered in a given time. The quiz took place last week. Everyone had a lot of fun and discovered the joys of solidarity and helping each other to succeed. Everyone got a little prize to reward him/her for his/ her great efforts.

During the 2nd part of the year, we will start another reading challenge: this time, same concept will be used but with different teams and 2 books per reading group instead of 1. The novelty will be that the children will be the ones building and imagining the different games that will be used for the final quiz…

It is wonderful to witness that special time of the week, when on Thursday morning, children start to ask « Is it reading time yet? ».