Monday, October 26, 2009

Letter exchange

Bonjour !

The CE1, CE2 and CM1 class is very excited to present a new project this year : a letter exchange with a class in France. It is a class of 26 CM1 from Maine-et-Loire, in a little village called Saint-Melaine-sur-Aubance.

The specialty of our exchange is that we write in French and the class from France uses English. So far, we received pictures with small presentations of the French children as well as a giant puzzle saying « nice to meet you » . We have sent a big envelope in September, where we presented our class and sent them a list of questions we worked on in class, as well as a map of Maine. In our next mail, we will give them a little presentation and a little quiz on Halloween, which is not as popular in France as here. We will send them a game to discover us with a picture and a description of ourselves.

It has been truly wonderful to see the excitement and motivation of the children for this project.

Merci beaucoup,

Elodie Le Nezet-Soule