Monday, October 26, 2009

Flying Point Oysters

Photos by Warren Miskell

The Coast of Maine has long been known for its pristine shoreline, strong tides and ice-cold waters.
These natural conditions have made Maine a reliable source for premium quality seafood for centuries. Today this tradition lives on. Maine's rich ocean harvest continues to satisfy seafood enthusiasts year after year.
In keeping with this tradition of premium quality, Flying Point Oysters are a special example of Maine Seafood at its very best.
Flying Point oysters are farmed by a husband and wife team in Freeport, Maine.

What gives Flying Point Oysters their outstanding flavor?
Flying Point Oysters derive their complex, salty/sweet flavor from the waters in which they are grown. Strong, incoming tides nourish them with cold, briny ocean water. Swift outgoing tides provide the oysters with a rich array of nutrients from the vast wetlands to the north of the growout site. This dynamic environment gives the Flying Point Oysters its outstanding flavor.

A great deal of care and attention is invested in the cultivation of each Flying Point Oyster. The results are being enjoyed in America's finest restaurants and can also be purchased right here in Freeport.

To order, please call (207) 221-5172 (Valy: art teacher at L'Ecole Française du Maine)

Petites - perfect for serving on the half shell: 0.75 each ($9.00 /doz)
Selects - Ideal for grilling, broiling or oyster stew: $1.00 each