Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Medieval Banquet

We had a wonderful Medieval Banquet. Parents and students gathered at the Community Hall around 5pm and were greeted with beautifully decorated tables. We tried to be as authentic as possible, not using utensils, having wooden plates and no napkins (you would wipe your hands on the table cloth..)

There were wooden trays of bread and cheese with grapes followed by simple salad and carrots. There was then a delicious ember day tart, roasted vegetables, turkey legs and grilled chicken with spices. The students made 4 types of desserts: pain d'épices, darioles de crème, pasté de poires and petits pâtés aux fruits.

We were treated to Medieval music by our talented music and voice teacher and a few other musicians. When everyone was done with dinner, the dancing began! How fun was that!

Thank you all so much for coming and having fun!