Friday, April 7, 2017

Dymkovo Toys

The 3rd Graders created Dymkovo toys in art class. Colorful Dymkovo figurines and toys represent the most famous and one of the oldest clay handicrafts of Russia, which still exists in the village of Dymkovo near Kirov. Traditionally, the Dymkovo toys were made by women for the annual holiday (Svistunya) or "Whistling", a Spring fair celebrating the Sun. They were shaped as birds, lambs, pigs, horses, horse riders, nannies, noble ladies, elegant gentlemen, female water-carriers etc... and were painted with colorful geometric patterns. There were purchased during the fair to make whistling noises and to be kept as a souvenir. The Dymkovo toy handicraft still has no serial production, which makes it different from other folk arts and crafts.