Sunday, April 5, 2015

Vieux Leon Children's Opera: March 12, 2015 at the Franco Center in Lewiston

The Opera!
The opera was a component of the 2015 "Francophonie" celebrations of French language and culture, which are organized annually by the consulates of France and Canada. Planning began in 2013 with a 3-day workshop, led by Nicholas Saddier, Music Curriculum Coordinator for the city of Paris. Starting in January, 2014, students worked on choral singing techniques, theatre skills, stage blocking and dance choreography, guided by Elodie Le Nezet, Joëlle Morris and Céline Fournier. This past fall, EFDM invited Emmanuelle Varo, Pedagogical Coordinator of MLF, to lead a training session for the teaching staff in preparation of the opera production. Finally starting in January, 2015, creation of of costumes and set began along with student rehearsals.  

The final product was a wonderful performance, which the entire student body participated in, older students playing more significant roles, but younger students fully participating and adding to the magic. Thank you to our staff and partners who made this production happen!