Sunday, April 5, 2015

La magie des couleurs en Grande Section

This week in Kindergarten, we have been reading the book: The Magician of Colors

We experimented with glasses with colored lenses to see the world in a single color, just like in the story!
Then the children drew the world in blue, yellow, or red...
A blue family, a blue tree, and blue animals...or blue cowboys and blue horses!
Next, we experimented with mixing colors!
First, we worked with nuances, then darker, lighter, and if we add some black or white? vary the results...

Next, we mixed the three colors together. We discovered that red, blue and yellow are primary colors, and that with these three colors, we can make all of the other colors!
A friend with some yellow, a friend with some blue...that makes two friends with green !
Some blue mixed with some red, that makes purple!
And yellow mixed with red, that makes orange!
It was really very fun!!!