Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ce2 – Une maîtresse qui fait mes tresses.

The Ce2 read an extract from a great children's book author, Pierre Gripari. He always writes very funny stories that take place in Paris, in the rue Mouffetard, with witches and strange characters.

Une jardinière qui jardinait hier.
Une dentiste qui fabrique des dents tristes.
This extract tells the story of a few inhabitants of this street. When describing these people, Gripari plays with words of professions and ends up having a definition that does not fit the profession at all, except with the pronunciation.

Une actrice qui fait des arcs tristes
Un marchand qui marche dans le champs

The students based their work on these and created their own definitions. You can come check them out in the hallway and try to understand the definitions.

Une maîtresse qui fait mes tresses