Monday, March 25, 2013

Emilie Jolie Performance

On March 8, 2013 the school presented a performance of the French children's musical from 1980:     "Emilie Jolie..

The musical tells the story of a young girl who is alone in her bedroom with a big book. Each time she turns the page, she encounters a new character who is facing a difficulty. For example, the hedgehog is wishing for a friend to caress him, and the witch is longing for someone to love her. The team of "Blue Rabbits" are always only a phone call away and are ready to help. These rabbits were portrayed by the preschoolers and led by a third grade student who played the Lead Rabbit. Emily meets up with "Birds of Paradise" and dreams of flying away with them. There are raccoons who are all white on one side and black on the other, and dream of having color- like the blue of Emilie's eyes. She meets a rock and roller wolf and a dancing grannie, whales made of umbrellas, and a little stone who is looking for a friend. The stone finds a friend in Emily who takes her into her pocket where she will be safe. With each encounter, Emilie finds a way to help resolve the character's problem. The  fairy tale has a happy ending when the witch turns into a princess and meets Prince Charming, thanks to Emilie.

The entire school worked on preparing the  musical since the beginning of the school  year. All grades were involved from preschool  through grade 5, learning the songs and solos, practicing to perfection, and creating the scenery and costumes. The performance took place at the Franco American Heritage Center, a beautiful facility with seating for over 400 people. 
The auditorium was full and the audience was enchanted!

      Families and friends of the school and the Franco-American community were delighted by the performance and completely impressed by the quality of the singing and acting on the part of the students.

Artistic Director, ElodieLeNezet, was instrumental in the success of the performance. Her creativity and leadership and her rapport with the students made the show a huge success. All of the teachers worked with their classes to prepare for the show and all deserve thanks! Special thanks go to Dasha Betts whose artistic talents led the creation of the props, SandrineMoser for her organization and willingness to help in every aspect imaginable, to Stephanie Bowden, a parent who coordinated the volunteers, and to the many parent volunteers who helped in countless ways, such as: making costumes, putting on 

face paint, running errands, donating for supplies, just to name a few!!!
Thank you all for helping us put this show together, it was an amazing opportunity for the students and they were all marvelous!!!!

Finale Emilie Jolie {Music - Lyrics by Philippe Chatel}
Steinway Grand  Piano:   Scott Vaillancourt

C'est un peu la fin de notre histoire
Mais surtout ne sors pas ton mouchoir
Dors petite fille dans ton grand lit
Nom Jolie et prénom Emilie
Dors, petite amie dans ton grand lit
Puisqu'il faut bien vivre sa vie
Nous on reviendra si tu le veux
On est là pour rendre les gens heureux
Même si on existe pas vraiment
Tu peux compter sur nous tout le temps
Dors petite amie dans ton grand lit
Puisqu'il faut bien vivre sa vie...

Faites que le rêve dévore votre vie,
Afin que la vie ne dévore pas votre rêve...
Emilie Jolie 2013 from L'Ecole Francaise du Maine on Vimeo.