Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dancing away with Celine

Friday, March 15th, was the first dance class for the 2nd and  rd graders with Celine, our new teacher.

While the music was playing, we had to walk on the rug without going off limit. Once the music stopped, we had to stand in an easy or more difficult position with our body. While dancing away, Celine used a lots of verbs we are studying in class: walk, turn, going forward, backward.
We also had to move sideways, using different techniques listening to the music.
At last, Celine divided the class into 2 groups: one was watching the other group dancing and  then we switched. At the end, she told us a story using words we studied in science : neck, head, forehead, cheeks, chin, toes. It was fun to use dance as a way to reinforce learning and to explore new ideas!