Monday, September 24, 2012

Dans la peau d’un chercheur

This year, we started Science class with an activity that put us into the shoes of a scientist. “Dans la peau d’un chercheur” was the motto of the first Science classes, in which we had to figure out the contents of a closed box as precisely as possible. After first seeing the box, we were asked to imagine its contents without touching it. Could there be an animal, chocolate or maybe just air inside? 
In a second step, we could finally touch the box and discuss hypotheses just as a scientist would. For each idea, we did experiments in order to verify our thoughts. We compared the weight of the boxes with an empty box using a digital scale or smelled different herbs as well as soaps in order to figure out why one of the boxes smelled like “pizza” and another one like ”baby powder”. We also put rocks, sea shells as well as Christmas bells inside of an empty box and compared their shaking sound with the sound of the box. After documenting our experiments we were excited to finally open the box and proudly realized, that each group managed the task and found at least one correct object.