Sunday, September 23, 2012

Close Buy

In case you haven't heard, the School is running a fundraiser, "Close Buy", which features a wide selection of wonderful products from "Close Buy" Maine artisans. 
Many of these unique items were available to see, smell, touch and admire in the school hallway last week, so we hope to have already perked your interest in participating.
You can order through the catalog, or directly on line, where an even larger selection of products is available. 
Please pass the link along to your friends and family, and tell them to select "L'Ecole Française du Maine" as their school when they place an order. 
Orders are being accepted until September 30, 2012, and will be shipped to the School.

The School and Parents' Association will be earning 30% of the profits from the sale, which is really great, so please consider doing your holiday shopping through "Close Buy" to support local artists and your School!

The fundraiser kick-off began on September 17th at a Wine-Tasting event, featuring a wide selection of delicious wines, which can be purchased at Bow Street Market in Freeport with proceeds going to the school!

Thank you parents, "Sue and Andy", for coordinating the wine-tasting and for making it so lovely with pretty tablecloths and tasty cheese and fruit platters to enjoy! Thanks also to their friend Phil, who selected the wines and shared his expertise to make the wine tasting possible. Sue has generously given her time and effort to run this fundraiser, and we are grateful for her enthusiasm and support- Merci beaucoup!
Stephanie Brewer (left) of the Parents' Association, 
volunteers at the Close Buy product display in the school hallway.