Sunday, November 14, 2010

Etienne Giroire safely on board cargo ship

Etienne Giroire whose small 18 metres trimaran capsized yesterday some 1500 miles from Guadeloupe was rescued 900 miles from the Azores. The skipper is now on board the Fort St. George which is headed for the port of Pointe-à-Pitre. The rescue operation, performed in collaboration with the Gris-Nez, was conducted by the United States ship MRCC Norfolk.

Second and Third grade students from L'Ecole Française du Maine have been following Etienne Giroire 's participation in "La Route du Rhum-La Banque Postale 2010" solo yacht race across the Atlantic. Students have exchanged emails and communicated via Skype with the skipper while plotting his position on maps and learning about math, sciences and geography. Students and their teacher Didier Carribou will be contacting Etienne upon his arrival in Guadeloupe to cheer him up...more to come...

photos courtesy of: ATNinc;; AFP; La route du Rhum - La Banque Postale 2010