Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Workshop on Phonology and Dyslexia

Friederike traveled to Montreal to attend a workshop on Phonology and Dyslexia at the Collège Stanislas. With about twenty other teachers of French schools in Canada and in the US, she studied the subject for 2 days. The workshop was led by a French speech therapist, Nathalie Castello-Niederberge, who works full time in a French school to help students who struggle with oral and written language.

On the first day, the participants focused on theoretical approaches of oral and written language development in order to familiarize teachers with dyslexia. The second day was dedicated to application of practice in the classroom. Using concrete examples, all participants discussed how every teacher can prepare classes by integrating the needs of students who struggle with the concept of language. At the workshop, participants developed classroom materials and gained many practical ideas.

Thank you for this interesting and enriching workshop!