Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Teddy bear clinic

Last Friday, we went to the hospital with Rose, our class puppet, and our teddy bears. It was really interesting. At the beginning, a performer sang us a song on what we have to do to be in good health. Then, we went into a room where nurses were waiting for us. They asked us where our teddy bear was hurt and they put band-aids and bandages on different parts of the body- as needed to make teddy better. We also put a mask onto the teddy bear's faces to help them breathe. A nurse explained how a visit in the hospital would be, showing us some scrapbook pictures of a little girl's visit. Another nurse who was dressed like a penguin showed us an X-ray of a teddy bear who had swallowed a penny. We could see it in his stomach!
When we left the hospital, we were given a goodie bag full of stickers, pencils and drawings. It was a really interesting field trip, and now, if we have to go to the hospital we won't be afraid of the doctors and nurses. They are so nice! Thank you!