Thursday, March 22, 2018

Le Bonheur - March Performance

As with past years, this show is an opportunity for EFDM to showcase its talented students and their proficiency in French. This performance allows us, in a very enjoyable way, to see the returns on the investment that we have all made in providing our children this education. It is also a time to recognize the accomplishment of these students, not just in their language skills, but in their ability to perform on stage at such a young age. It is something that we encourage and require as a way to build up their confidence, and we know it will serve them well in the future.

Every year at EFDM, the entire school performs in March at the Gendron Franco Center for Heritage and Performing Arts in Lewiston.

This years show was the result of collaboration among every member of our staff – not just a handful of them, but ALL of them. Our dedicated teachers all helped to put this performance together, meeting on a weekly basis since the fall to figure out all aspects of the planning, scripting, choreography, and props. It is a true testament to their teamwork, and we thank them for all of their efforts to make this happen. 

We are extremely grateful for the Gendron Franco Center for Heritage and Performing Arts for its continued partnership – it is an honor for the EFDM community to be invited here each year.

This year's show, Le Bonheur, was a museum of happiness.  2 student tour guides, Maeve Mechtenberg and Leela Hidier, took us on a tour throughout the 4 different happiness rooms.  The first room, was happiness is when we celebrate.  The 2nd room was happiness in sunny weather.  The 3rd room was happiness from the simple things in life.  And finally, the 4th room, was happiness is when we are together.