Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The 100th day of school

Today was a very special day, it marked the 100th day of school! It has become a GS/CP tradition to organize games and activities all day, all centered around 100.

There were 100 balloons to decorate the class...the students built a sculpture with 100 cups, a castle with 100 blocks. They also use accessories (moustaches, hats, glasses...) to create 100 funny faces pictures. Their teacher baked a delicious marble 100 cake that was shared with the whole school community, after having made the 100 shape in the playground.

They also created a 100 cereal necklace with Fruit Loops using tens and working till 100...edible necklace, what a treat! Another activity was also to think about they would do with $100 (buy candies, a koala or pigs...)

Happy 100th day of school!!!