Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Soluble or insoluble?

In science, the GS and CP continued their experiments on water and experimented homogenous and heterogenous mixtures.
What happens when one mixes sugar with water? The students made hypothesis : the sugar will melt, the sugar will stay at the bottom on the water... When they made the experiment, the children observed that the sugar was disappearing in the water but not really because when they tasted it, they realized the water was sweet and sugary; the sugar was still in the water but dissolved...

Then they tried with salt, coconut, flour, powdered milk and little marshmallows. 

One can mix water with certain food : you can't see what you added to the water anymore. Sugar, salt and powdered milk are soluble in water. 
With marshmallows and coconut, we still see what we added : it is insoluble in water. 

In another session, the students verified if powdered chocolate, coffee, oil and food coloring were soluble. 

Powdered chocolate and food coloring are soluble in water, everything is mixed. Coffee and oil are insoluble in water : we can see coffee beans and oil floating above the water. 

Then, the students draw their observations in their science notebook.

Finally, to finish the project on mixtures, the children enjoyed making a lava lamp! Here is the recipe :
1/3 water, 2/3 oil, a few drops of food coloring and finally effervescent drops (Alka-Selzer). Here are the results. 

Bravo to all our little scientists! What a fun experiment it was!